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The Home Page of the official website of Drs JP Prinsloo Incorporated


Practice Profile

An overview of Drs. J.P.Prinsloo Inc Homeopathy

Dr. Prinsloo senior

Dr. J.P. Prinsloo snr was the founder of this, the oldest, Homeopathic practice in South Africa. He was one of the most respected practitioners in the country. He was respected as one of the fathers of Homeopathy in South Africa and a master of this science. This is a sketch of who he was and the kind of person that he was

Dr.Prinsloo's Gallery

A gallery of some fond photographs of Dr. Prinsloo snr

Dr. Johan P. Prinsloo

A brief overview of Dr. Johan P. Prinsloo jnr, his background and career.


Homeopathy Mystical or Scientific?

All about Homeopathy

Alternative Medicine

Future Page under development - Alternative medicine, treatments and diagnostic tools used in Homeopathic Practice today

What is a Homeopathic Practitioner?

An overview of what a Homeopathic Practitioner is, what it takes to become a Homeopathic Practitioner, the approved courses and registration requirements

Homeopathy in Perspective

An article on Homeopathy published in the spring edition of Update Medical Journal, written by Dr. Johan P. Prinsloo

Homeopathy Is Cost Effective

Homeopathy has been proven more successful and cost-effective than conventional medicine. Proof of its effectiveness has emerged from an extensive study of its use in treating chronic disorders.

History of Homeopathic Training in South Africa

The origins and development of Homeopathy, Homeopathic Training and Education in South Africa


Homeopathic Treatment of Infertility

These pages were developed with the primary objective of informing existing and prospective patients of Drs.J.P.Prinsloo Inc about the homeopathic approach to treatment of Infertility.

Why the Homeopathic Route?

A brief background on Infertility Treatment from a Homeopathic Perspective.

Endometriosis Part 1

What is Endometriosis? What are the most common Symptoms of Endometriosis? What Causes Endometriosis? The Symptoms of Endometriosis. How should the effectiveness of a specific treatment be measured?

Endometriosis Part 2

Does menopause cure endometriosis? What is the theory behind the use of danazol and why is it not to be recommended? Summary of generic flaws in research.

Glossary of Infertility Terminology

Glossary of Infertility Terminology with brief explanations of the terms used

PCOS: My journey to motherhood

Antonella Dési's story about her road to pregnancy in spite of PCOS published in Parent24.com

Can homeopathy treat PCOS?

by Antonella Dési with Dr Johan P Prinslooon this common cause of infertility in a Parent24.com article

Homeopathy Infertility Consultation

Lists questions typically asked during a Homeopathic Infertility consultation.


Wellness and Nutrition

Nutrition, Diet & Life-style. My father's Rule of Thumb. Nutrition, food supplementation and the value or dangers relating to the various foods and things we eat and drink. Centuries of Nutrition Wisdom. The value of Eggs. Dr. Atkins Fact vs Fiction. Low-cal diets and aging. Health is a life-long process. Vitamins and Minerals, sources and function.

Dr. Prinsloo's online Detox calculator

The Detoxification Evaluation Calculator is an online test that includes questions about all the major toxicity symptoms and heavy metal poisoning exposure evaluation.


Legal and Ethics

In terms of the Allied Health Professions Act 1982 (Act 63 of 1982) any person wishing to prescribe Homoeopathic Medicine or practice Homoeopathy in South Africa, including Medical Practitioners, MUST be registered as a Homoeopathic Practitioner with the Allied Health Professions Council of South Africa (AHPCSA). Practising Homeopathy without being registered is a criminal offense. It is a criminal offense to offer any kind of training in Homeopathy without the prior aproval of the AHPCSA.


News & Articles

News and Articles covers the latest news on health, science and other valuable information. It is updated regularly with a wide range of information.


Disease Index / Glossary

A list of conditions that could be treated Homoeopathically. In some cases the diseases in the list are linked to a valuable website or other source of information. As with Conventional Medical Treatment, so too can virtually any condition, disease or illness be treated Homoeopathically. But, as with Conventional Medical Treatment, not all diseases and cases are curable.
Also see our Glossary on Heart Ralated Information, an extensive glossary with explanations ♥ Heart Disease Glossary ♥

♥ Heart Disease ♥

A web page dedicated to Heart Disease

Pathology Tests Explained

There are a great many clinical laboratory tests, and they are performed on blood, urine, sputum, and other body fluids, and occasionally faeces. This page explains the meaning of those tests.


Diets and Slimming

Calories burned during different forms of exercise. Weight reduction through effective exercise and proper diet


Homeopathic and other Links

Links to a wide range of internet resources, Homeopathy, Statutory Health Councils, Government and Related Sites, Associations, Education, Professional & Clinical Information Sites, Complementary & Alternative Medicine Companies, Search Engines and Homepages, Commercial Sites, Software and other sites.


Contact us

Contact Information for Drs. J.P. Prinsloo Inc, including Consultations hours, Maps and directions, GPS co-ordinates and even the Weather.

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Online Detox Calculator


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